The Draft

Some friends do a friendly, crossover competition most months. It’s like fantasy football but for geeks. There will be a theme given which all stories must revolve around. The goal is to put together a coherent story idea using already existing characters. It might be a spy story, a western, a supers story, fantasy, or whatever the commissioner comes up with. And this is a draft. You pick one character a day, and once an owner takes a character no one else can use it.

For August, we have been doing fantasy stories. My first idea was to lampoon epic fantasy by making fun of all the rules those stories follow. As I started to write it, the fiction wasn’t working. Thankfully, this was on the third day. I had picked a location and one character. So I scrapped my plans and my story notes and started something completely different.

Naturally, I had to keep the location and character I had drafted, but that was no problem. They would work for the new idea. It allowed me to combine two things that I enjoy: epic fantasy and Iron Chef.

Iron Mage: Ansalon!

It’s been a blast to write, and I can send a link to anyone interested.


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