The World as it Then Was

This book delivered on its promise of a look at the antediluvian world, that is the world before Noah’s Flood. Though the details of that time are sparse in the Bible, the author very clearly looked into myths and legends about the time. I spotted several clear references to First Enoch and the Gilgamesh Epic. This book details the first diplomatic meeting between the Edenites and the Enochites in over a millennium. Noah goes to Cain’s city to ask for help against a marauding monster in Eden.

That monster was a Leviathan (Job 41). My first thought when it was named was “will we see Behemoth?” Yes, several Behemoth were seen later on.

One of the first things I noticed was that the author made good use of Hebrew-style names for the Edenites. The Enochites are more varied in their naming styles, but most have an ancient near eastern flavor. The characters in this book are very realistically drawn. They have flaws but even the worst person has redeeming characteristics. I have often wondered about some things from this time period (such as why Noah seems to wait so long to have children. He’s 500+ when Shem is born while his ancestors were fathering children in their early hundreds and before). Of course, it’s a story, but it works.

There were a few phrases from the modern world used in the story that took me out of the tale for a moment as they clashed in the story.


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