2014 Writing Goals

My word count for 2013 was 60,000 words. As I continue following Heinlein’s Rules, I have already written 6,000 words for 2014 (5,944 precisely). I follow the first three rules pretty well. It’s 4 and 5 that trip me up.

My goal for 2014 is to write 12,000 words a month (2 short stories or the equivalents). I also intend to submit stories to more publications (rule 4). I can’t control if they are accepted, but I can follow rule 5 and keep sending them out. Updates on these goals will be posted here.

Sometime in July of 2013, I thought of a series called Lou’s Bar & Grill. This series of Faustian Bargains took shape in my mind while I had other projects to work on (“The Buick Eight” and “The Other Cemetery”). I started writing them in November. First came “Crazy Moon,” then December gave me “Sixes Wild.” I started off the year with “Snake Oil Man.” “Snake Oil Man” marks a new writing record for me as it took only two days to write the first draft. 5,944 words in two days. I was astonished.

Now I just need to find magazines that want to give these stories a good home.


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Professionally: pastor, programmer, writer. Personally: husband, father.
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