End of January Writing

I started off the year well on the track to my goal of 12,000 words a month. “Snake Oil Man” flew from my fingers and clocked in at 7,500 words in just a few days. Ever since, other priorities have taken the place of writing.

Then at the beginning of the second to the last week of January, I started seeing how the sequel to Rebirths would come together. I already had written down some ideas for one part of that work. However, I needed a lot more than those strands. They started coming that day. I jotted down the ideas, knowing that later I would weave them into a coherent whole. I even started writing the first part which has the working title of “The Old and the New.”

At the end of January, I had 10, 206 words of fiction. That’s a good number. It’s shy of my goal of 12,000 per month, but I’m not disappointed. Sometimes, there are other things that need to be taken care of. I did submit three stories to paying markets, so I’m good there.


About frankluke

Professionally: pastor, programmer, writer. Personally: husband, father.
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