Faustian Bargains

I’ve been working on Lou’s Bar and Grill stories since the idea for first one hit me like a truck in November.  I wrote it, then one in December, and one in January. There are plans to write seven Lou’s stories–one for each of the seven deadly sins. After writing “Snake Oil Man,” other things came up, and I haven’t written more from Lou’s. Besides, I’ve been letting my creative side lead lately and it hasn’t been engaged with other things on my mind.

Until today. Today I was thinking about the stories I have planned for Lou’s and needed something different. Lou’s stories are Faustian Bargains. The three I’ve written all involve the person making the deal getting exactly what they wish for but not at all what they want. However, other Faustian stories have the person thinking they have the better end of the deal only to have the tables turned at the end. That’s where this one is going. I don’t have a title yet, but it will deal with envy.


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Professionally: pastor, programmer, writer. Personally: husband, father.
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