Lou’s Bar & Grill: Crazy Moon

cover by pro_ebookcover at fiverr.com

cover by pro_ebookcover at fiverr.com

The first story from Lou’s Bar & Grill is now available for Kindle!

Welcome to Lou’s Bar & Grill where the house special looks like a bargain but will cost more than you think. Lou and his staff have everything a person could want, and they know the best way to present it to you.

After being stood up, werewolf fanatic Laney McMurphy went to Lou’s to forget her sorrows. To her surprise, Lou offered her a place in the local pack. To progress within the pack’s ranks, she’ll have to give in to her wild side. And most importantly, she’ll have to indulge her wrath. Each victory means a step up in rank. What she knows about wolves will help. What she doesn’t know just might get her killed.

If you’re looking for a Christian piece with a Twilight Zone feel, look no further than Lou’s Bar & Grill.


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Professionally: pastor, programmer, writer. Personally: husband, father.
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One Response to Lou’s Bar & Grill: Crazy Moon

  1. peterwilliam says:

    H Frank, I loved Lou’s Bar & Grill. Go here for my review. I am also one of the members of the Crossover Alliance, that is how I found you and your books.


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