Joshua’s Pawn Shop: The Buick Eight

The first story of Joshua’s Pawn Shop is now available!

b8_finalIf you find Joshua’s Pawn Shop, you need Joshua’s. Usually, you don’t even know what you’ve lost, but at Joshua’s you get a second chance.

Years ago, Simon Johnson made a choice that changed his life for the worse. He’s looking to start over. After he sells some old jewelry tonight, he’ll send the divorce papers tomorrow. That’s the plan, anyway. At Joshua’s Pawn Shop, he’ll be given a different way to start over. The cost: he’ll have to not only let a tragedy happen, he’ll have to witness it.


Joshua’s Pawn Shop is a companion series to Lou’s Bar & Grill. Though set in the same world, they are also stand-alone stories. You do not need to read Lou’s to appreciate Joshua’s or vice-versa. Both series have a underlying themes that will become evident as the series play out.

I have currently finished the first and fourth Joshua stories. The second, third, fifth, and sixth are at various stages of completion. I often wish the muse would concentrate on one item at a time. While most of them are planned to be 6,000 words or so, the fourth (“Fun and Games”) qualifies as a novelette with 14.5K words. The sixth (“Legacies”), is already 24.5K words. It’s a novela and still growing.


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