Writing Velocity and Rebirths on Sale

My first book released, Rebirths, is on Kindle Countdown through the 9th. This book had some of my best velocity in writing.  I didn’t track how long it took to write “New Life,” but I know that “This Body of Death” took 4 and a half months. “This Body of Death” was 18.5K words long. That qualifies as a novella. The final novella, “Once Called,” took only 9 weeks to write, and it was 20K words long.

Yes, the longer portion took the least amount of time. When the story is right, it just falls together. I know that some people say you have to sweat and strain over every word, and you should take years to write a single book. Really. I’ve read people that say that.

I take the other view of writing. I believe that when the story is right, the words just flow from fingers to keyboard. My method is somewhere between the pantsers and the outliners. I’ve tried both ways and found my happy spot. I need a goal when I’m writing. When I start writing, I have the beginning and an endpoint in mind. I know where the story is starting, and where it will end. I don’t write the ending yet, but I know what it is. I then write towards that point.

I also write out of order. The first scene I write is typically the first in the story. The next is usually the climax. It might not always be. Sometimes, I’m moved to write a different scene.

But writing velocity is important. Just because you take 10 years to write a novel doesn’t mean it’s 10 times better than one written in one year. If the story is right, you don’t have to sweat blood over every single word. Your creative side knows how to tell a story. Don’t worry about working in themes and literary merit. Just write the story as fast as you can. Let the story flow. I guarantee you’ll be surprised at how good it is.


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