Pernese Peril Part Ptwo!

After my last posting, I have received messages that have made me think. It was pointed out that McCaffrey herself wasn’t always consistent in her reasons for how Pern worked and its history. For example, in the ninth pass, the dragon population seemed to explode, and the riders founded several new weyrs in the course of a couple of decades. Naturally, if the clutch rate had always been like that, they would have had been overrun by dragons in the couple millenia that Pern was populated. However, it was stated in the books that queens rose less and laid smaller clutches during Intervals until a few years before another Fall. It also seems like the age of the weyrs changed a couple of times. I seem to remember that Telgar was said to be the youngest in the first trilogy but the third founded (along with Benden and High Reaches) in the collection FIRST FALL.

Anyway, for those who have read the books by Todd, how does he explain these issues? He might have a perfectly workable explanation, and I am genuinely curious to know what they are.

1) Women don’t ride blues. I read the other night that Anne stated that, while she would never do this in her books, it was conceivable that a masculine lesbian woman could ride a blue. So, that one is answered. Todd just followed her thought there.

2) Blues don’t lead weyrs. Since there are no dragons larger than a blue in this colony, a blue has to be the weyrleader.

Those two I’ve logiced out an answer. Can anyone help with the two below?

3) Greens don’t lay viable eggs. Kitti Ping engineered the greens to be sterile.

4) If a green could lay viable eggs, they lack the stamina to conceive a gold. Or are large, fighting dragons not the goal of this colony established to produce fighting dragons for the coming Fall?


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