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The Last Crusade: Against False Teachers

Summary: Because we will always have false teachers among us, we must know how to stand against them. This post is part of The Last Crusade, a call to arms from John C. Wright where he asked me to be … Continue reading

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Hermeneutical Horror

The other day I was listening to a Christian podcast where one of the hosts is a minister. He made a statement that just left my jaw on the floor. “We know that the forbidden fruit was not an apple because … Continue reading

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Sawing Off Your Support

In apologetics reading, I recently came across the worst argument I can remember. In a chapter regarding Old Earth Creationism, the author argued for a flood that wiped out all of mankind without being global–a regional but universal (from humanity’s … Continue reading

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Rebuilding Your Walls

Sermon Intro Ever since Pentecost, Satan has been working to destroy the church. He moved the Jewish leadership to stone and arrest Christians. After God worked in Saul’s life, Satan turned to the Romans to bring down Christianity. It failed. … Continue reading

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