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The Last Crusade: The Spirit Enables Believers to Fulfill the Mission of the Church

Because men are fallen, God must provide a way for believers to share the message of return. This sermon will be topical, exploring several passages that teach on a theme, instead of working through a single passage. Why did God … Continue reading

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The Last Crusade: Against False Teachers

Summary: Because we will always have false teachers among us, we must know how to stand against them. This post is part of The Last Crusade, a call to arms from John C. Wright where he asked me to be … Continue reading

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Hermeneutical Horror

The other day I was listening to a Christian podcast where one of the hosts is a minister. He made a statement that just left my jaw on the floor. “We know that the forbidden fruit was not an apple because … Continue reading

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Sawing Off Your Support

In apologetics reading, I recently came across the worst argument I can remember. In a chapter regarding Old Earth Creationism, the author argued for a flood that wiped out all of mankind without being global–a regional but universal (from humanity’s … Continue reading

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