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LOU’S Returns!

This Easter, April 1, 2018, LOU’S BAR & GRILL returns. Picked up by Superversive Press, this revised edition is 20% longer than what you might have read before. This bar has no regulars. But it’s not a regular bar. Customers … Continue reading

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The Coward’s Son

Last night (11/11/17), I finished drafting my latest short story, “The Coward’s Son.” This story of Derke and Manegold trying to clear a man’s name ended around 9,000 words. Used to, that was too long for a short story. They … Continue reading

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Pernese Peril Part Ptwo!

After my last posting, I have received messages that have made me think. It was pointed out that McCaffrey herself wasn’t always consistent in her reasons for how Pern worked and its history. For example, in the ninth pass, the … Continue reading

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What Thread Couldn’t Destroy

I read my first Pern story in seventh grade. The literature book had a short story penned by Anne McCaffrey. So impressed, I went to the local library and looked for more. I read almost all of them I could … Continue reading

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