Cover of Rebirths
Derke is a blessed man and a prophet. But in the course of one day, everything he loves is stripped from him: his wife, his family, and his faith. Sunk in his own loss and grief, he turns to the only one who seems to have all the answers—a dark-robed sorceress who introduces him to black magic. Even as Derke loses more of his humanity and descends into evil, not all of his friends have given up on him, especially not his old friend Father Phaeus and his new friend Syantere’.

From a tranquil village in Aviterr, to deep inside Undeadwood, to a bright and shining elven city, Derke seeks meaning in the midst of loss. All the while, the world’s oldest vampire desires to awaken a monstrous race that will remake the world in his own image. To ensure the world has a future, Derke and Syantere’ must overcome their pasts and find their purpose.

Frank Luke, author of “Sunset Over Gunther” and many other tales, brings us three dark fantasies set in a world where God’s children thrive but so do dark forces of magic and evil. This story of a man who must face his own grief and choices to find his purpose promises to be a binding tale for any who have ever had to face troubles of their own making. Derke’s painful journey takes him through the darkness of death into the brightness of


Available on SmashWords, Createspace, and Amazon.


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