For the interested, reviews of my stories have been published.

The Sylocke Averyson Set

“Frank Luke contributed three very good fantasies, set in a universe that seems part Norse and part Tolkien, but in which the Christian religion is practiced pretty much as it is in our world (how that works isn’t explained). Frank needs to tighten up his stories a little and watch for neologisms like “quite the woman,” but I got caught up in the narrative and wanted to know what else happened to the characters.” -From a Review by Lars Walker

The Strong Survive

“The whole concept of Sachalin society, with its might-makes-right morality but yet a certain degree of medieval refinement, is also quite unique. It provides the framework for the theme that runs through the story. This brings the Christian message into the plot naturally. The story suggests the Christian theme of the weakness of the Flesh, that true strength is to deny the Flesh and its tendency to sin and selfishness, even though doing so may make you susceptible to harm and death. Thus, the story both shows that the Sachalin worldview is in one sense completely wrong, and in another sense far more true than the protagonist could ever have comprehended. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Gospel presented so directly in fantasy before. It must have been difficult to develop such a profound theme in a fictional world.” -From a review by Paul Lee

Sunset Over Gunther

“Sunset Over Gunther” takes a bold literary approach to spiritual issues from a Christian perspective. I don’t think all Christian authors, or maybe even readers, could handle it. There is some potentially uncomfortable content in the story, and I could imagine its earnest intensity and unbroken severity turning some people off. Personally, I love the story, and I appreciate the philosophical dilemma. In all of literature, it must be hard to find the hopelessness of the human condition explored so concisely as we find in “Sunset Over Gunther.” In the process, this story makes our own hope and peace in Christ all the more precious to us, and I stand in awe. -From a review by Paul Lee


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