Works of Fantasy

The Fallen Prophet

Cover of Rebirths

  • “New Life” – A grieving prophet exchanges his white robes for a necromancer’s green and black.
  • “This Body of Death” – A rising star necromancer finds that his new life is a riddle wrapped in an enigma.
  • “Once Called” – A former prophet must determine if God will ever use him again.
All three stories are available in the collection Rebirths (see more details, or buy at Smashwords or Createspace).

Gunther Stories

Shylocke Averyson

All three stories may be purchased in The Cross and the Cosmos Anthology Year 1.

Sachalin Tales

Granish d'Dunnor

  • “The Strong Survive” – In a society that reveres strength, what happens to those deemed weak? (Available in The Cross and the Cosmos, Issue 6.)
  • “The Stronger Rule” – After the brutal murder of his parents, a Sachalin bard seeks justice–or is it revenge? (forthcoming)
  • The third Granish tale will be announced at a later date.
Rebirths cover by Shylocke and Granish portraits by Juggertha.

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